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The vast North African country of Algeria has put its controversial and turbulent past of civil wars behind it to tap its massive potential and become one of the Arabic world’s greatest destinations. Indeed, Algeria has so much for travellers to see and do with a wonderful and eclectic array of attractions and activities on offer. Algeria’s capital of Algiers is a modern city with stunning French architecture and rich cultural traditions while the immaculate and lovely Sidi Fredj Peninsula is an amazing tourism hub that promotes a festive resort lifestyle.

In this vein, another wonderful destination to visit is the picturesque and charming town of Ouargla - dubbed by the locals as the ‘golden key to the desert’, which in this case happens to be the iconic Saharan desert. This east-central Algerian town is a thriving economic centre and is located close to the country’s salt water basins. The main economic activities here include oil and gas production at Hassi Messaoud, livestock trading, the production of woollen products, and basketry. The city is fairly modern, but has deft old-world touches to it with the most prominent of the features being an impressive and majestic Mosque, a gate with six walls, and a delightful market arcade, not to mention the amazing architecture the rest of Ouargla is blessed with.

Furthermore, Ouargla is surrounded by date and palm groves, and fruit and vegetable gardens, which are watered by an intricate under-ground well system that is distributed around the town. Ouargla has an adequate and sufficient transport link network that connects it to bigger urban areas as well as to its local airport and the bigger airport at Hassi Messaoud.

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